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You need to log in to see the pricing tool, otherwise, you can only see quick
selection tool and cross reference tool in hexpilot website.


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To get the access rights, please follow the procedures:
1. Send a mail to 'Mikael Erichsen', and CC to Hex responsible sales.
2. In different regions, the responsible hex sales are different. For EMA, please
CC to 'Peter Rasmussen Thoysen'. For APA, please CC to 'Peter Holloway'. For
other regions, please ask the local hex sales director.
3. The regional responsible Hex sales approve the requirement and authorize the user types to you.
4. Mikael Erichsen authorize you the access rights to pricing tools.


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After typing in no. of plates in the blanket, please do not press 'enter'. Otherwise, the no. of plates will jump to the closest one which has a code number in the system.


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There is a small key sign on the right corner of the tool after you log in. Click that and then you can change your password.


How can I put new competitors or new competitors' models in the cross reference tool?

If you find that some competitors or some products are not in the scope of our cross reference tool, it is our pleasure to get your new inputs to the tool. However, to add in new competitors or new model types from existing competitors, we need solid information to verify the inputs.

Therefore, please send the request with competitors' leaflet, manuals or websites. The new information without proof will not be added in the tool.